Chemistry and Petroleum Sciences


The faculty, with more than five decades of educational and research activities in various fields of chemistry, currently has 27 full time academic staff: 12 full professors, five associate professors, seven assistant professors, and three instructors. Currently, the faculty has more than 500 students and five educational departments of Organic Chemistry and Oil, Polymer Chemistry and Materials, Analytical Chemistry and Pollutants, Computational and Physical Chemistry, and Inorganic Chemistry and Catalyst. Every academic year the admitted students will pursue their studies for BSc, MSc and PhD degrees.

The chemistry faculty has more than eight educational laboratories, including analytical, inorganic, organic, physical, general, instrumental, industrial, and an identification and separation laboratory which is mainly for bachelor students. The faculty has more than 25 research laboratories for postgraduate research projects conducted in collaboration with industries. The Analysis and Research Center in Chemistry was established in 1991. The main activities of this center are in three fields: basic and applied research, research services to postgraduate students, and research and chemical analysis services to other institutions and industries.